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Employee Training, Management Development, Learning and Culture Change Resources

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About HumaNext

HumaNext is celebrating 12 years in business by offering exciting new programs in employee training, engagement, communication, and more. Click on the image to discover what we have for you.

To receive new ideas and tools for training, communication, and culture change..


Assessment Online

We offer a large number of assessments online and in paper to meet your needs. Click the graphic to take a look.

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Best Sellers

Find out why these best sellers are used by leading American organizations. HumaNext Customizable Workshops enable you to tailor content and add your logo.

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Online Trainer Certification

Get certified online from your home to deliver HumaNext's best selling workshops to your internal or external clients. You can get certified in Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Conversations, Diversity and Inclusion, Cross Cultural Skills, and more. Click the graphic for details.


50 Activities Series

The best selling resource for activity-rich learning. Training activities on a large number of topics. Click the graphic to visit.



We offer a powerful collection of change management tools, training programs, and assessments to help people understand, accept and manage change in the workplace. Click on the graphic to go there.

Coaching 170.jpg

Coaching & Training

Coaching / Training for One or Many - by Phone, Skype, or Webinars - Saving You Travel Time and Cost, and Delivering Results


Work as Sports Leadership Training

What if work became as exciting as play? The Coaching Leader workshop examines the factors that make play exciting, and offers ways for the leader to act as a coach to create these factors in his or her team players.


Coach / Mentor

Build coaching skills and programs with these effective coaching tools, coaching skills assessments, and coaching training videos. Click on the graphic to go there.

CommPlan 150.jpg

Communication Plan

Our Communication Plan Template helps you create a plan for communicating your major change programs, training initiatives, business directions, or any other organizational or department change, message, or project. Click on the graphic for details.

For other Employee Communication Tools Click for our Communication Ideas Super Site

critical conversations logo1-S.JPG

Communication Skills

We have a super site for all communication skills training, employee communication programs, corporate communication plans, publications and tools, presentation skills and tools, organizational communication systems, and more.


Compliance Training Programs

We offer a complete line of training programs on HR, Compliance, Ethics, and Business skills in various media; online, video, streamed video, and print.


Conflict Resolution

Find below some of the most effective conflict resolution training programs, anger management tools, conflict resolution skill assessments, and videos on how to resolve workplace conflict and defuse anger.


Consultant Resources

We offer many tools and programs for use by internal and external consultants and facilitators. Click the graphic for details.


Corporate Culture

All the tools you need to create an organizational culture so positive and exciting people say, Thank God It’ Monday! We offer tools and programs to profile your organization’s culture and values, and effect culture change.

creativity at work problem solving-200.GIF

Creativity and Innovation at Work

Our creativity training helped leading organizations create a dynamic culture of innovation and breakthrough performance. Creativity at work is also available as a complete off-the-shelf package you can purchase to deliver yourself. We also have creativity tools and assessments. Click on the Creativity @ Work logo.


Cross Cultural

We offer cross cultural skills training programs, cross cultural communication tools, intercultural training, and American culture and language learning programs. We can deliver many of these programs at your site, or you can purchase our off-the-shelf courses and videos.


Customer Service

We offer a selection of some of the most powerful customer service tools and training available including customer service tools, assessments, videos, CDs, and programs. Click on the graphic to visit.



We deliver one of the most powerful onsite training workshops with rave reviews from prestigious clients. We also offer off-the-shelf diversity training, tools, videos, Train-the-Trainer / Certification programs, and more. Click on the graphic.


Diversity & Cultural Competence Certification

Get Certified to Deliver Two Popular Workshops In One Program:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Cross Cultural Communication / Global Competency Training


Ed2go Online Instructor-Led Courses

We offer a wide range of instructor-facilitated, highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet.

ej4 learn 199.jpg

Online Video Based Learning

We offer hundreds of off-the-shelf cloud based e-Learning programs using video - the way people prefer to learn. Get a free 7 day trial.


E-Learning: Online Self Learning Courses

Our online self-learning courses offer you convenience and flexibility by allowing you to access self-paced training whenever and wherever you want to.


Employee Communication

For all your employee communication needs, from communication programs, plans, and publications, to tools, tactics and technologies.. click here for our dedicated Communication Ideas Website


Employee Engagement

Resources for creating, communicating, and managing employee engagement programs. More.

eq at work 200.jpg

EQ: Emotional Intelligence Certification'

Get certified in emotional intelligence, Critical Conversations, Diversity and more.


Emotional Intelligence

We provide innovative resources on emotional intelligence including training videos, emotional intelligence assessment, online courses, tools, articles, and more.


Ethics and Compliance

Click the graphic for a powerful collection of ethics management and training tools and assessments to help people understand, and manage ethics at work.


Training Games And Activities

We have a collection of some of the most innovative games trainers play, powerful training activities, and realistic learning and training simulations. Click on the graphic for details.


Generations at Work

With four generations now active in the workforce, the potential for misunderstanding and conflict puts increasing pressure on productivity. We offer training programs that help.

heart and mind learning-130.jpg

Heart and Mind Learning

This unique program enables you to design and deliver great training sessions that touch the hearts and minds of participants. It can be used for any soft skill type of training. It takes your training to the next level, delivering deeper learning that lasts.


HRD And Training Tools

We offer the most comprehensive collection of training tools, train-the-trainer programs, needs assessment, training ROI, consulting fieldbooks, instructional system design, and other HRD, OD, training, and consulting tools that dramatically increase the effectiveness of your training and consulting work.


Human Resource Programs

Human Resources Tools, Issues and Practices including recruitment, interviewing, training, employee relations, retention, competency, policies, workplace issues, and wellness in the workplace.


Leadership Development

We offer a powerful collection of leadership development training programs, tools, ideas, and assessment.

Leading with intell S.png

Leading with Intelligence Training Program

Developing and applying emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creative thinking in one off-the-shelf program you can deliver alone or include in your existing training.


Learn Hour: Learnign Programs During Lunch Hour

Learn-Hour programs are designed to be given during lunch hour. Providing learning during lunch is a popular idea at many workplaces because it offers many benefits to employees and organizations. Check our resources.


Management Developement

HumaNext provides management development and supervisory skills training in all formats, from print and CDs to videos and online courses.


Mentoring at Work

We provide a complete line of mentoring training, tools, and programs, including videos, print packages, guides, and a powerful online mentoring training.

Action learning 170.jpg

Onsite Training and Action-Learning for Your Organization

We deliver onsite workshops and learning experiences on key topics using a powerful Action-Learning approach that increases the effectiveness of training.


Presentation Skills

For your effective presentations and teaching, we offer presentation skills training programs and videos, presentation tools, PowerPint add-ons, presentation boosting software, teaching aids and classroom management tools.


Profiles & Personality Types / Assessment Instruments

We offer some of the most powerful assessments, personality profiles, perfonality-types, self-discovery instruments and tools to help individuals and teams better understand themselves and work, communicate, and relate more effectively on the job.

sales is not-s.jpg

Sales Training

We offer some of the most powerful sales and negotiation training programs, tools, videos, games and assessments available.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

We offer sexual harassment training programs, videos, and tools including online sexual harassment training courses.

teamagining 150.jpg

Teamagining for Teams

An off-the-shelf program: Teamagining: Perhaps the most powerful team communication, team innovation, and team transformation process you will ever experience!


Team Building

We offer innovative team-building training and teamwork tools and programs to help your team feel so excited about working together they will say, Thank God It’s Monday.

Train the training hr.jpg

Train The Trainer

Off the shelf and public seminars for training the trainers. See also our HumaNext events and online certification for training you to deliver our HumaNext workshops.


Training Videos

We offer the latest training videos from the leading American producers. We offer free previews. Visit our http://www.videos4training.com website.

shotsfireddvd s.jpg

Violence in the workplace

How to recognize and prevent violence, including shootings, in the workplace and learning places.


Women Issues and Resources

We offer articles, ideas, training programs, and resources that address women issues, including resources to help women start a training business.


Publications at No Cost

Free publications in all professional areas: From communication and training, to customer service, call centers, technology and learning, marketing and promotions, meetings, and more. Click the graphic to visit.

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There are many people successfully managing their own employee training business today, where they charge from $1500 to $15000 per day. Here is information on how to start your training business.

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